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JONATHAN BLUM | 285 5th Avenue | Brooklyn, NY 11215 | 718-499-0199 |


"Rabbis, Goats and Other Characters"
The Green Building, Brooklyn, NY: 2009-2010

"A Mini Retrospective"
Mcgraw Gallery, Newark Academy, Livingston NJ: 2008

"Recent Work"
Pound Gallery, Orlando, FL: 2008

"A Very Mini Retrospective"
Park Slope Jewish Center, Brooklyn, NY: 2008

"New Work"
Weekend Gallery, Orleans, MA: 2006

"19 Years Of Jonathan Blum Portraits"
Market 5 Gallery, Washington, DC: 2005

"Fictitious Portraits"
Ernden Gallery, Provincetown, MA: 2003

"Animal Portraits"
Artemis Gallery, Seattle, WA: 2002

"Dog Portraits"
Grey Dog Cafe, New York, NY: 2001

"Recent Judaica"
Makor, New York, NY: 2001

"Recent Work and Monoprints"
Musselman Gallery, Provincetown: 2000

"Recent Work and Monoprints"
Musselman Gallery, Provincetown: 1999

"10 Years of Forehead Portraits"
Market 5 Gallery, Washington, DC: 1996

"Provincetown Portraits"
Gallery 349, Provincetown, MA: 1996

"Rabbi Portraits"
James Bakker Gallery, Boston, MA: 1996

ARTScene, Washington, DC: 1997
Millennium Gallery, Washington, DC: 1992

"Rabbi Portraits"
Gallery Matrix, Provincetown, MA: 1995

"8 Years of Forehead Portraits"
Market 5 Gallery, Washington, DC: 1994

"Israeli Portraits"
Biannale Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel: 1994

"Washington, DC Portraits"
DC Arts Center, Washington, DC: 1993

"Extremely Recent Paintings"
Gallery Matrix, Provincetown, MA: 1993

"Portraits from Czechoslovakia"
Stellwagen Gallery, Provincetown, MA: 1992

Williams Gallery, Provincetown: 1988

"Prague Portraits"
The Art Forum, Prague, Czechoslovakia: 1992

"Religious Provincetown Portraits"
Gallery Opera, Provincetown, MA: 1991

"Berlin Portraits"
A&O Gallery, Berlin, Germany: 1990

"Works That Haven't Sold Yet"
Jacques Cafe, Berlin, Germany: 1990

"Bert Portraits"
X Art, New Orleans, LA: 1989

"A Jonathan Blum Art Show"
Shelby Gallery, Provincetown, MA: 1989


Art of the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn, NY 2008
Monster Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: 2005 
Auld Alliance Gallery, Nashville: 2001
Market 5 Gallery, Washington, DC: 1998
The Big Hunt, Washington, DC: 1998
Market 5 Gallery, Washington, DC: 1997
The Tabard Inn, Washington, DC: 1997
Contemp. Arts Center, New Orleans: 89-91
Makeshift Salon, Provincetown: 1990
Gary Wortzel Gallery, Boston, MA: 1989 
Wednesday Gallery, Provincetown: 1988 
Provincetown Art Association: 1988-1998
Cafe Rasmus, Boston, MA: 1987
Museum of Fine Arts School, Boston, MA: 1987
Chelsea Town Hall, London: 1987


Conceived and curated "Eastern Market Artists Interpreting Eastern Market," Market 5 Gallery, Washington, DC: 1998

Conceived and curated "Juried Self-Portrait Exhibit," ARTScene Gallery, Washington, DC: 1997

Painted large outdoor mural for photography studio, New Orleans, LA: 1995

Created mural for government-sponsored public arts project, Tel Aviv, Israel: 1994

Created and worked with children on government-sponsored mural project, Jackson, MS: 1989


Emerson College/School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA: BA in Visual Communications, 1987

London School of Art, London, England: 1986

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