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In 1994 I did my first mural of a "Bert" portrait on a cement wall in Tel Aviv, Israel. I had so much fun doing it, and I loved the idea that every day thousands of people walking by this public wall would see a gigantic portrait of Bert. The experience aroused my interest in murals and public art in general. I have done many murals since then. One is a 25 ft. Rabbi with a Gumball Machine entitled "A Peace Offering" on a private home in the Marigny neighborhood in New Orleans (corner of St. Roch and Chartres Streets). I completed this in 2008 and it is still in remarkably pristine condition. Another mural are two images side by side, one, a Duck on the Brooklyn Bridge, the other is Goat. They are painted directly on the front of a brownstone facing 4th Avenue between Dean and Pacific Streets in Downtown Brooklyn. 

 Williamsport, Maryland...have you ever heard of this place? Me neither, but the town commissioned me to paint a huge mural on three separate walls in the middle of this small, historic, friendly town that's right on the C & O canal. I brought my talented buddy, Matt Litwack, from Intelligent Graffiti to help me out. Below are photos of the completed mural which was honestly one of the hardest things I've ever done. But in the end, it was worth it, and Williamsport already seems to embrace it.

I was commissioned by Red Nose Day to paint a 21 by 14 foot mural of my Liberty image at the Boys and Girls Club on Bedford Ave in Brooklyn. The only problem was I had a week to do it and there was lots of rain in the forecast. It was a bit overwhelming but sometimes everything works out. 

Mural I painted this summer (2022) in the center of  historic
Williamsport, Maryland 
(more info and photos on Mural page)

In 2009, I re-painted a Rabbi mural that I originally painted on a Faubourg Marigny warehouse in 1995 in New Orleans. The title is a "Rabbi with Gumballs: A Peace Offering" and it's still looks as vibrant and colorful as when it was finished. Check out this video about the project.

Blue Cow Mural, SOYO FROZEN YOGURT (sadly doesn't exist anymore), Burlington Vermont, 2012

"Duck with Bird on the Brooklyn Bridge" and "Goat Visiting NYC". This mural is painted on the front of a brownstone home on 4th Avenue between Dean and Pacific Streets in Downtown Brooklyn. 

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