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fictitious portraits

Most of the subjects I paint come from my imagination; this has been the case since my early foreheads. I love doing realistic portraiture and always look forward to that moment when I see that I've captured the essence of a specific person or animal that I am painting. But even more exciting is when I capture, say, some essential dogness in a dog that I've invented, or a deep spiritual quality in one of my fictitious rabbis. There's almost a symbiotic relationship between my realistic and my fictitious portraiture; each furthers the development of the other.

Because of how quickly they need to be executed, most of my monoprints are fictitious portraits. My current roster of subjects includes dogs, cats, camels, ostriches, kings, queens, and, of course, the rabbis that I've been painting since 1994. As you can see, I often paint fruits or other objects on all my subjects' heads, which makes the composition more interesting and gives added dimension to the piece. I'm always willing to add to my list of subjects--and things to put on their heads--so if you have a particular image in mind, feel free to contact me about a commission.

spirit animals at Santa Monica Pier.JPG

A King Lost in New York City, 24" circle, Monoprint collage, 2017

"A Kosher Pig", Oil on monoprint collage, 2007

"Musicians Trying to Impress a Moose", Oil on monoprint collage, 42" x 42", 2013

"Driftwood Portrait"
Found driftwood with monoprint collage, 48" x 48", 2012

"Woman Thinking About Red Chili Peppers" Oil on monoprint collage, 20" x 16", 2014

"Pope Playing Bass", Oil on monoprint collage, 42" x 18", 2014

"The Bar Mitzvah of Jesus", Oil on monoprint collage, 2000

"A Peace Offering. — A Turkey with Tomato," Monoprint collage, 2001

Bird Entertaining a Blue Horse, Oil on Monoprint collage, 2017 Available as a limited edition print

"Flying High over a Llama", Oil on monoprint collage, 48" x 13", 2013

"Ostrich with Birdfeeder", Oil on monoprint collage, 48" x 6", 2013

"The Last Circus Elephant", Oil on monoprint collage, 17" x 52". 2016
Available as a limited edition print.

Monoprint collage, 1998

"Will It Be OK?", Monoprint, 14" x 27", 2007

"Spirit Animals at the Santa Monica Pier" oil on wood, 2023

"Bluebird Giving Birth on a Scapegoat", 
Oil on monoprint collage, 30"X36", 2009

Oil and collage on canvas, 1991

"Imam Listening to Flowers", 
Monoprint, 20"/26", 2002

Blue Horse with Red Owl, oil on monoprint collage, 2023
The Recital, Oil on linen, 24" x 20", 2021

"Red Heifer with Blue Coffee Cup"
Oil on wood, 20"/16", 2001

Orange Cat Thinking About Her Hobbies, oil on wood, 18" x 24", 2021

"A Cow, a Horse, an Ostrich, a Dog,
and a Sheep at the Brooklyn Bridge", 
Oil on wood, 30"/48", 2003

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