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"Cat Thinking about a Cantaloupe", Monoprint, 10" x 34", 2016"

Monoprints are my bread and butter. I've been selling them at outdoor markets and art fairs for years. Most of my monoprints feature fictitious subjects--dogs and cats, rabbis, kings and queens. I'm often commissioned to create specialized images for people, or to re-create some of my favorite images using specific colors or backgrounds. Read about my monoprint process.

"Elephant Study #1",

Monoprint, 26" x 14", 2016

"Basset Hound Thinking About a Baseball", Monoprint collage,

41" x 29", 2015

"A Rabbi, a Nun, and an Imam Taking a Stroll on the Brooklyn Bridge",
Monoprint collage, 2010

"An Optimistic Settler Arriving in a New Land", Monoprint, 2010

"White Horse in Flowers with Blue Pear", Monoprint, 27" x 19", 2016

DSC01452 (2).JPG

"Llama with an Olive Trying to Impress Flowers", monoprint,

27" x 19" , 2019

"Charles Darwin", Monoprint, 2000

"Blue Bird Giving Birth on a Purple Dog under a Green Sky", Monoprint collage, 2010

"Bird Telling a Secret to an English Bulldog", Monoprint, 21" x 21", 2015

"A Peace Offering by the Sea", Monoprint collage on paper, 21" x 27", 2016

"Cow with Carrot in NYC", Monoprint, 22" x 30", 2003

DSC02306 (2).JPG

"Liberty", Monoprint, 22" x 30", 2013

"A Black Ostrich Under a Flying Rabbi", Monoprint collage, 2010

"King David with Cigarette",
Monoprint, 2002

"Pascal Lamb with Kosher Wine", Monoprint, 2001

"A Strange Dream That Never Ended" (Rabbi and Lobster), Monoprint Collage, 27" x 19", 2021

"A Rabbi Lost in a Daydream",
Monoprint, 2008

"The Reluctant Queen of the Brooklyn Bridge",
Monoprint, 2008

"Ostrich with Strawberry Trying to Impress Flowers", 
Monoprint, 22" x 30", 2003

"Delusional Blue Bunny, Monoprint, 22" x 30", 2020

"Frog on Ostrich", Monoprint, 2005

"A Rabbi Visiting a Jonathan Blum Rabbi Exhibition", 
Monoprint, 2000

DSC03718 (2).JPG
Llama Thinking About A Strawberry in Flowers, monoprint, 27" x 19", 2022

"Daydreaming About a Hot Dog on the Brooklyn Bridge",
Monoprint collage, 2012

"The Recital",

Monoprint, 20" x 16", 2007

"A Pig Thinking About an Olive in New York City", Monoprint, 22" x 30", 2016

Donkey Thinking About an Avocado, monoprint, 30" x 22", 2022

"Bird on Moose", Monoprint, 24" x 24", 2013

"Woman with Ball Arriving in New York City", Monoprint, 22" x 30", 2106

"A Dog and His Rabbi Traveling
Through New York City",
Monoprint, 21"X29", 2002

"King for a Day",
Monoprint Collage, 24" x 48", 2005

"Purple Bird on a Green Goat in New York City", Monoprint, 21" x 29", 2010. 

"A Delusional Cat",
Monoprint,"22 x 30", 2002

"A Peace Offering", Monoprint, 16' x 20", 2010

"Dog with Watermelon on Brooklyn Bridge", 
Monoprint, 19" x 27", 2001

"Imam Listening to Flowers", 
Monoprint, 27" x 19", 2002

"Dog With Cherries on the Brooklyn Bridge", Monoprint, 22" x 30", 2006
Featured in the book "Art of the Brooklyn Bridge" by Richard Haw, 2008

"Blue Ostrich Neck", Monoprint, 26" x 14", 2013

DSC02255 (2).JPG

"Lucca Thinking About Toilet Paper",
Monoprint, 28" x 21", 2020

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