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I'm going in circles. Spring Shows

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Hello everyone,

I'm going in CIRCLES! (Sometimes it feels like it's in every sense of the word.) Almost every painting I've painted this year has been a circle. I like this shape because it exaggerates the fisheye perspective in my work and has a captivating look when it's hung on a wall. It reminds me of a porthole. 

Funny enough, back in 1996, I had an exhibition of portraits all painted on circles entitled "Provincetown Portrait Show" in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It was unusual and well received and I'm surprised it's taken me 22 years to get back to it. 

So if you have any commission ideas that would work in a circle, let me know. 

I do many other art shows and events throughout the spring and summer; usually it's a spontaneous decision. Sometimes I like to sell my work in the Meatpacking District, a block away from the new Whitney. You can always see "where I am right now" by going to the home page at And while you're there, take a look at my new and improved website that my friend Deirdre Cohalan recently did for me. You can now see my website on your smartphones!

Hope to see you at one of these events, 



My Storefront/Studio/Shop is at 285 5th Ave. Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY 11215 and is proudly 


since 2000

Limited Edition Prints are offered in small, limited quantities on high-quality, archival paper using archival ink. I have ten different images available, in various sizes. See them all.

Above left: King and Queen at the Brooklyn Bridge, limited edition print available in two sizes. Right: Delusional Ostrich Couple Arriving in NYC

There are four images using this technique; two ostriches, a dog, and an elelphant. After I print each silkscreen, I hand paint them which gives each one a completely different look. And they're only $100-$125.

Left: Ostrich with an Strawberry Trying to Impress Washington, D.C., hand-colored print 12"X 15", $125; Delusional Dog Trying to Impress New York City hand- colored print 12"X15"), $100.

Where I am right now

Here are shows I'll be
doing this Spring.
Saturday, April 21, 10-5 pm

*SATURDAY, I will be selling at EASTERN MARKET in WASHINGTON, DC, which remains one of my favorite places in the country. My artwork has had a continuous presence there since 1991. DC folks, please come out! As most of you know, it's a food/art/craft/antique/flea market located at 7th St, S.E. on CAPITOL HILL.

For most of the following shows listed below, I don't know my location yet, so you can call/text me on the day of the show to find out my exact spot.


11-6 pm, I will be selling at the CHELSEA SPRING FAIR, which is on 8th Ave between 14th Street to 23rd Street.


11-6 pm, I will be selling at the COLUMBUS AVE FAIR on Columbus Ave from 66th Street to 72nd Street.


11-6 pm, I will be selling at the POP-UP ART/CRAFT FESTIVAL on the UPPER EAST SIDE on 2nd Ave from 66th Street to 86th Street.


11-6 pm, I will be selling at the BROADWAY FESTIVAL on the UPPER WEST SIDE 
on Broadway from 60th Street to 65th Street.

*SUNDAY, May 20

11-6 pm, it's the 5th AVE FAIR in PARK SLOPE, BROOKLYN. For this festival, I curate the entire block in front of my studio/ storefront at 285 5th Ave between 1st and 2nd Streets, so all the vendors on the entire block are local artists. I'll be selling in front of my studio all day and, next to me, my kids and nieces will be having their annual bake sale. Many local restaurants, boutiques, and artists participate in this event. As street fairs go, this is as good as they get.


11-6 pm, I will be selling at the FIRST AVENUE FESTIVAL on 1st Avenue from 68th Street to 79th Street.


10-5:30 pm, I'll be selling my artwork at the annual NEW YORK HANDMADE BAZAAR at the Grand Bazaar, 100 West 77th Street(at Columbus Avenue), NYC. This is the largest indoor/outdoor antique/vintage/art/craft market on the UPPER WEST SIDE.


11-6 pm, I'll be selling at SEVENTH HEAVEN, which has become a Father's Day tradition. It takes place on 7th Avenue in PARK SLOPE, BROOKLYN.


11-6 pm, I'll be selling at the GRAND GATHERING on Grand St in WILLIAMSBURG, BROOKLYN from Union Street to Lorimer Street.


11-6 pm, I'll be selling at the SMITH STREET FESTIVAL from Union Street to Bergen Street in CARROLL GARDENS, BROOKLYN.

In memory of my beloved father, Elliot Blum; (1937-2016) monoprint collage, 1991

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