Bruno with Banana Basset Hound with Watermelon Quanah - dog portrait
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For me, one of the most rewarding elements of painting has been the pursuit of my realistic portraiture. I paint families, couples, individuals, and pets with their favorite object or theme on top of their heads, which is what I'm known for. Sometimes people also have specific places or backgrounds that they want to be represented behind them.

When I'm painting a person, I like to have at least a two-hour sitting in my studio. This helps me so much. During the sitting, I will also take photographs. Dogs and cats, on the other hand, can't be convinced to sit still for hours, so they can be done from photographs. Ideally, I like to meet all of my animal subjects. My portraits are painted in oil on wood or canvas and can come beautifully framed; I can also do realistic monoprint portraits.

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Princess Simone
Princess Simone, oil on wood, 18" x 24", 2017
Matilda & Winston portrait - English Bulldogs
Matilda and Winston (English Bulldogs), oil on wood, 24" x 34", 2013
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Jack with a Tiger (his favorite stuffed animal) - Dog painting by Jonathan Blum
Jack with a Tiger (his favorite stuffed animal), 18" x 24", 2013
Family Portrait- Painting by Jonathan Blum
Family Portrait, oil on wood, 28" x 44", 2016
Max with Ice Cream Cone
Max with Ice Cream Cone, oil on wood, 24" x 18", 2017
Jean-Paul, oil on wood, 24" x 18", 2017
Chloe with Aged Cheddar- Painting by Jonathan Blum
Chloe with Aged Cheddar, oil on wood, 24" x 18", 2013
The Smulson Kids
"The Smulson Kids (Hannah, Nora, Elijah)" oil on wood, 16"X36", 2012
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Nuzie Family Portrait by Jonathan Blum
"Nuzie Family Portrait", oil on wood, 2011. Click through a series of close-ups.
Jessica Harris Dancing on Her Own Head
"Jessica Harris Dancing on Her Own Head", Oil on wood, 14"X18", 2008
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Ripley with Squirrel
"Ripley with Squirrel", collaged portrait mounted on a monoprint, 28"X19", 2008
The Genslers
"The Genslers", Oil on monoprint collage, 1992
Teddy and Bear with Cat and Squirrel
"Teddy and Bear with Cat and Squirrel", Oil on wood, 24"x36", 2009
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Eddy, Stella & Gaucho
"Eddy, Stella, and Gaucho", Oil on wood, 2009
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Iris as Queen
"Iris as Queen", Oil on wood, 2002
Charles Darwin Portrait
Charles Darwin", Monoprint, 2000


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