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murals 4th ave mural 4th ave mural - duck 4th ave mural - goat
This is a mural I painted on 4th Avenue between Dean & Pacific Streets in Park Slope in 2012


In 1994 I did my first mural of a "Bert" portrait on a cement wall in Tel Aviv, Israel. I had so much fun doing it, and I loved the idea that every day thousands of people walking by this public wall would see a gigantic portrait of Bert. The experience aroused my interest in murals and public art in general. I have done three more murals since then. One is a 25 ft. Rabbi with a Gumball Machine entitled "A Peace Offering" on a private home in the Marigny neighborhood in New Orleans (corner of St. Roch and Chartres Streets). Another mural are two images side by side, one, a Duck on the Brooklyn Bridge, the other is Goat. They are painted directly on the front of a brownstone facing 4th Avenue between Dean and Pacific Streets in Brooklyn. Most recently I was commissioned to paint a 20 ft. Blue Cow inside Soyo, a frozen yogurt shop in Burlington, Vermont. My images work very well on a large scale. I am open to mural commissions of any sort.

cow mural

This is the Blue Cow mural I painted for SoYo, a frozen yogurt shop in Burlington, VT in 2012

In 2009, I re-painted a Rabbi mural that I originally painted on a Faubourg Marigny warehouse in 1995. Check out this video from The Times-Picayune.. Here's a longer version by Bryce Lankard.

New Orleans Rabbi

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