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"The Twelve Tribes of Israel", Oil on wood, 1996

Rabbi Dan and Jeremiah Lockwood

"Kol Nidre (Rabbi Dan with Jeremiah Lockwood)", 2015

A Canadian Goose Having a Vision in Prospect Park

"A Canadian Goose Having a Vision in Prospect Park", oil on wood, 18" x 24", 2012

A Rabbi, a Nun, and an Imam Lost in Flowers
"A Rabbi, a Nun, and an Imam Lost in Flowers"
Oil painting on a monoprint collage, 2007

Rabbi with Pigeon

"Rabbi With Pigeon - Find Us Peace", Monoprint, 22"X30", 2008

Rabbi Lost in Flowers

"Rabbi Lost in Flowers", Monoprint, 14"X18", 2007


"Cousins", Oil on Canvas, 2002

The Encounter: Beagle with Pomegranite Meets Rabbi

"The Encounter: Beagle with Pomegranite Meets Rabbi", Oil on wood, 2005


"Tolerance" Woodcut, 1998

"Huppah", Oil on canvas, 1997

Tabard Inn Haggadah Presenting The Tabard Inn Haggadah

Download for FREE "The Tabard Inn Haggadah" that I put together using parts of other Haggadot I've admired over the years. It's illustrated by me as well. Enjoy and feel free to add other interpretations or commentaries which will make it more relevant to you. I've always thought that for a meaningful Passover Seder, a Haggadah should be seen as a work in progress.

Tabard Inn Haggadah (pdf)

Rabbi Blessing a Basketball by Jonathan Blum

"Rabbi Blessing a Basketball (Bar-Mitzvah invitation for Aidan Schmall)", oil on wood, 2015

Spanish Rabbi by Jonathan Blum

"Spanish Rabbi", oil on monoprint collage, 24" x 12, 2011

Rabbi Leaving Mataro Spain by Jonathan Blum

"Rabbi leaving Mataro, Spain in 1492", oil on wood, 18"X24", 2011

Haggadah - Mariam's Well

"Haggadah illustration, Mariam's Well" paper collage, 15"X30", 2012

The Red Heffer by the Tree of Life

"The Red Heifer Seeking Knowledge From the Tree of Life", Oil on wood, 2005

An Ostrich with Pear Trying to Impress a Rabbi
"An Ostrich with Pear Trying to Impress a Rabbi", Monoprint 22"X30", 2004
"Pascal Lamb with Kosher Wine", Monoprint, 2001
"Rabbi", Oil on wood, 1994
Oil and collage on canvas, 1991


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